foundation before foundation

hello mo charide , hope everyone is doing well and is settled back into school / uni / work ok after that lovely summer break , but back to reality now and the count down to christmas YAHH !!

Ok i was once the girl who only applied moisturizer to my skin before my make up because i had oily skin i feared that if i applied anymore oil based products you would be able to see the shine on my face a mile away. That phase lasted a while until i released about 3 hrs into my day the foundation on my nose , chin and forehead had some how disappeared into thin air !  
So Ciara's little brain kicked in and i figured for an extra ten minutes in the morning you need to develop a routine , and you will be grateful in the long run !

No7 calm skin, no 7 beautiful skin moisturizer 
So as i have mentioned time and time again my skin likes to scar and leave me red faced. So i invested in this little No7 calm skin serum and i have not looked back , don't get me wrong it doesnt perform miracles on my skin it just 'calm' it down. I did a whole post on this products last year so check it out :) I apply one pump of this serum onto my skin focusing manely on my trouble areas and T zone . I allow it to dry for a minute and the apply my moisturizer all over my skin .

Benefit pore fessional and l'oreal lumi magique
Next is primer . If i am having a very bad skin day i will apply my Benfit the pore fessional because it is tinted it reduces the redness and harsh appearance of the spot on my skin. I apply it to my troubled area gently and on my t zone ( i focus more on my nose and chin as these oil up and shine the most ) . If my skin is in an ok state i will stick to my L'oreal lumi magique primer .

oh i also apply alittle carmex to my lips to stop them from drying out if foundation sticks to them and it also helps lipstick to be applied easier as it adds moisture to your lips.

Major Tip here to truely make your foundation last all day leave you creams to dry for at least 5 mins after they all have been applied and leave at least 30 secs to 1 min between each cream before applying the next .     

I know some might feel that this is alot of product to apply to your skin before the actual make up but trust me on this the most topping up of make up i have to do is a little bit of powder to my nose . This routine has worked for me for years now i have truly got the day out of my make up given that i haven't done anything to extravagant like exercising etc.


  1. I really like the benfit primer but I've never tried the no7 one, might look in to it, thanks for sharing :)



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