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Last weekend i headed down to Tralee for a couple of days for the Rose Of Tralee Festival . Apart from the random sputs of rain it was lovely . The atmosphere was so lovely and everyone from the community was so welcoming . There was just good spirits all round.
I apologize for the terrible quality photos but unfortunately my phone got damaged while away and i have sent it away to be repaired so i have been stuck with my dads old brick nokia and my first camera i was given a couple of years ago so as you can see quality not so fab :( but i will not let it deter me <3

Unfortunately i had planned on only bringing a BB cream but my skin decided to react quite bad and i was covered in lovely little red spots around my face . I needed to make sure my foundation lasted all day because i was travelling for 3 hours down there and probably wouldn't have access to a mirror for a while when i got there. I swear by Benefit Pore fessional , not only does it make sure my foundation stays put but it also neutralizes the redness of my spots before applying the foundation.

As you can understand Full coverage was needed so i opted for my old reliable Mac Pro Longwear foundation topped with Mac studio fix powder . No exaggeration but this literally lasted the whole day and considering i had quite a spotty face i didn't need to top it up .  
Just to add a little extra coverage on those bad ass spots i applied Benefits Erase Paste concealer just lightly dabbing onto the skin trying not to cause to much agitation on the spots . I also applied under my eyes to brighten them up and try to wake me up after my 6 o clock morning rise

.  Because i felt like my skin had so much
foundation , well more that i normally opt for i needed to add some colour with this amazing blush from sleek . i mentioned this product already in my favorites but i have just been loving it so much lately , its got this lovely gold shimmer in it that just adds the subtle shine to the cheeks .
Unfortunatly most of my spots where hanging around my mouth on my chin etc so i didn't want to wear to bold of a lipstick and draw attention to that area so this tinted lip balm was perfect it added a tint of colour without being to in your face and of course that all important moisture to prevent those dry lips .

Hmmmm ! if you take anything from this post let this be it . If you want to keep the amount of products you are bringing traveling on the moderate size then invest in this Soap and Glory Salon Powder. It has a bronzer shade and a highlighter and its amazing . Its subtle on the skin making it very natural looking and you can build up on the product.
Lastly is this tiny eyeshadow set from essence . I find essence eye shadows are brilliant there completely affordable and have strong pigmentation . I found this little ''palette'' in no 05 'to die for' great as a multitasker as it sufficed for my eyeshadow and my eyebrows . A good old natural smokey eye is perfect for a natural day look and can be transfered into a night look .

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