Prevent those split ends without having to go for the chop

 Hello lovelies so hair is a bit left field for me but over my years i have learnt what works and what  does not !. My hair is naturally a frizzy mess and i thank god every day for the invention for straighteners . Because my hair is so frizzy and curly when i go brush it there's a million and one knots in it and my hair breaks. My hair needs a chop from the scissors or else it starts to get super dry and extra frizzy (it just cant be tamed )
When i was in school i used to get my hair cut once a month because my hairdresser lived up the road but the problem was that yes it did need a trim but not that often , my hair use to never grow it stayed at the one length for years because every time a little bit would grow I would get it cut off.
When i started university last September i didn't have time to get it cut as often or wasn't that interested i was never really at home and its not every hairdresser i trust .
Ok so very long story cut short i now only get my hair cut every 6-8 months because i need the dead ends off and my hair is getting too long !! ( never did i think i would say that)
So here's a couple of tips and tricks to get longer phases of your hair not going under the scissors.

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  • Don't wash your hair everyday invest in some dry shampoo . If you wash it every day your washing out all the natural oils and contribute to your hair becoming dry.
  • Don't brush your hair when its wet after a wash this causes breakage. If you need to give it a brush , brush your hair before you wash it or put in some conditioner and then run a tangle teezer through it softly 
  • This brings me on to my next point , pick your hairbrush wisely Tangle Teezer's really are the best . Their short, flexible brushes guide through knots which allow for minimal damage.
  • It you want soft sleeky hair after a wash put in some conditioner after you shampoo and leave it in for half an hour (this works amazing )
  • Another product that many people are becoming aware off is the multi purpose coconut oil . I take out a couple of spoon fulls heat it up in my hands and rub it into my hair and leave it over night ( miracle worker) 
  • Ok bare with me on this one because it works . For the last rinse wash your hair in cold water,it stings but holy god hello shine !
  • Change up that diet : include foods such as protein (eggs,chicken, dairy products ,), vitamin c foods ( blueberries , broccoli , sweet potatoes , kiwis , oranges ) , omega 3 fatty acids (salmon, and other oily fish also avocados and pumpkin seeds) , vitamin A (carrots , sweet potatoe) , vitamin E which is basically your almond nuts etc.
  • Last but not least try and cut back on the heat applied to your hair . But if you like me and that seems impossible then when applying an hot iron to you hair don't go to close to the root as this is where hair grows and try not the go to close to the ends .

Hope these helpful tips work , if you have any please let me know :)


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