Monthly Favorites: July

Ahhh! i cant believe its the end of July all ready . Where is time going ? Hope everyone had a lovely month and is enjoying the summer break, hopefully the weather will soon realize its summer not winter yet :)  As a blogger i love reading through other blogs monthly favorites and decided to give it a wack myself so here i go :) 

L'oreal infallible 24 hour matte, real techniques foundation brush 
Ok so firstly i have to talk about this foundation. I'm not a lover of drugstore foundations i do like to buy and try but most of the time I'm disappointed with the foundations .Unfortunately I'm the kinda girl that feels you get what you pay for when it comes to foundation. But this product has changed my mind . I have seen many reviews on this foundation and was tempted to try it but i wasn't pushed on wasting my money on it because 90 % of the time I'm disappointed with the foundations . There was a three for two offer going on in boots and felt 'feck' it ill give it a go . Best decision ever !
I'm starting to reach towards this foundation quicker than my Mac . This foundation is my perfect colour which is a miracle for me , until this foundation i have never been able to get the correct shade in any foundation its either to pale or to dark compared to my neck . I also like this product because it truly is a matte finish i feel with alot of drugstore foundations and sometimes high street they can be very dewy and shiny on my skin and because i have oily skin it just leads to an all round disaster. You can also build up  on this product as heavy or light as you need and it still gives you full coverage and stays on the skin for hours on end . 
Next up is the real techniques foundation brush but the thing is i use it as a contour brush. I find the angle of this brush gives me great precision and accuracy. :)

Soap and Glory sugar crush body scrub, a lemon
I love all the soap and glory products (shocker ) but this month i have really been loving the body scrub sugar crush besides the point that it smells absolutely amazing <3  its a really good exfoliator. With summer season amongst use the fake tan has been floating around as well and so i need a good exfoliator at hand. I don't like exfoliator's that are too ruff on the skin and try not to use exfoliating gloves to often as i find them sore on my skin especially around delicate areas like my neck. So this bad boy has been perfect for me. Obviously it depends on how much you put onto your skin and how hard you scrub , how much tan comes off etc . Personally i have been loving this product this month.
This wouldn't be a monthly favourites for me if i didn't have some sort of food mentioned in it . I have just been using lemons with everything lately , on my food , in my water even on my face :) 
I have dedicated a whole blog post to lemon water and I'm still loving it <3

Sleek blush , Soap and glory highlighter glow all out 
So with stropping making its way into the make up world i needed to find myself a decent highlighter and the one at the moment that im loving is Soap and Glorys glow all out . I really like this product is subtle on the skin . It gives me a nice, light pink glow on my cheeks without it looking to obvious. It leaves a fresh , dewy look which is perfect for me. You only need a little bit to give you that perfect glow.
Ok so lastly i have been loving Sleek blush in rose gold . Oh my god its such a stunning colour , its perfect for the summer months . The gold pigment in it gives a lovely shimmer to the blush. The blush itself isn't to pigmented so its quite light on the skin but is still noticeable . I have been loving this blush because it adds to that natural summer look with shine to the face with a pop of colour :)

What products have you been loving this month ? 


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