Lets Bake Friday

Banana and Raspberry nicecream 

I hope wherever you guys are in the world you are getting better weather then us irish bumpkins at the moment , its been an absolute cloud burst and none stop rain every day so far . Its been abit of a downer because you can't go anywhere and I'm the kinda of person who likes getting fresh air i almost need it or im not myself for the rest of the day . So to cheer myself up i have been indulging into the most precious dessert ever . As some people say "i dress for the season not for the weather" I Eat for the season not for the weather and by that i mean Ice Cream ! well Nice Cream which is just as amazing BTW <3

2 Frozen Bananas 
1/2 cup of raspberrys 
1-2 Tbs of almond milk ( depends on how runny you would like it )
Topping options 
Chia seed , My homemade Granola, Protein powder , sliced bananas or fruit of choice

  1. Freeze 2 bananas for a couple of hours , preferably the night before  
  2. In a food processor blend the frozen bananas and almond milk until they become thick like consistency (1-2 mins)
  3. Add in the 1/2 cup of raspberry's to the food processor with the banana mixture still in it 
  4. Blend for another few minutes until the raspberry's are broken down the mixture looks smooth and thick 
  5. Add your toppings and enjoy <3
  6.  side note ; Don't dig into it too fast like me and get brain freeze 
I enjoyed this lovely bowl for breakfast many mornings as well and has put me in such a good mood despite the weather <3


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