"Everything happens for a reason"

Hello mo chairde , so it has come to the time of the year again where the dreaded leaving cert results are out . If you are not from Ireland the leaving cert is basically a state exam the determines your future - what degree you can study in college/university. But the problem is it does not determine your future, your happiness , your health . Your life is worth more than a piece of paper indicating you got an A in this or D in that  , these are just letters that signify one exam . The reason why i feel the need to right this post is because i was the girl who believed that if i didn't do well in this, if this paper showed results lower that what i needed, my life was basically over and i didn't know where to go form there.

And surprise , surprise that is exactly what happened ! I remember plain as it could be this time last year opening up that envelope and seeing what i thought my school years work out the window , i was an absolute failure and felt i should be ashamed of myself ! Nobody should ever have to feel like that ever but the problem is at the moment in certain schools and in mine is that adults , people who you turn to for advice for after school filled your head with "if you don't have a decent leaving cert, if you don't get the grades you need for your course then that's it, you need to build a bridge and live in a reality"  . In Ireland if you don't get the results you want you can either A) repeat the school year (which not a hope in hell i was doing and im going to explain that someday in a blog post) B) get your papers rechecked the following October C) move on and settle for something you don't want .

 Thankfully i have the most amazing friends <3 she comforted me and snaped me out of it . I wanted to study "Human Nutrition" in Dublin ( the only place at the moment that have this course ) but i failed maths  ( no college will accept you without maths ) so i thought the only place for me to go was back to school . Anyways rant over , the course was starting up in IT Sligo it had an exception for highter level maths grades (me ) and it was the exact same course . Woohoo!!

Ok back to the point of this post , i didn't get what i wanted i got something so much more ! Sligo was literally the best place for me its a nice town , I'm away from people who did no good in my life and i never thought that would happen , im surrounded by the most amazing people and i love them all , and im studying the course of my dreams . I have heard the stories form people who are studying in Dublin and tbh i couldn't handle that pressure !
"Everything happens for a reason" is a quote i am going to preach for the rest of my life because ever since this time last year i have never believed it more  , The truth is you may not get what you always want , and you may struggle to see the positives of certain events but trust that's how its meant to go just let life do its thing .

You know what the funny thing is ? I sent away my maths paper to get rechecked in October and i received it back the following Christmas with a pass, the exam boards marked me down 2 grades , those 2 grades would have given me enough to get into DIT but the thing is i probably wouldn't be as happy as i am today if i was there.  

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