top 5 favorite movies of all time

  1. Bridget Jones diary
i think this film is every girls go to feel good film. I find this film so easy to relate to it just shoes what its like to be a real girl in a real world. Bridget doesn't have a Victoria secret body, she smokes, she drinks, she lays around in her PJ's ,she has embarrassing parents , all of which seem pretty normal to me . i love how she takes a stand to make a change in her life ( i do this every new years day ), she buys the diet books, she throws the cigarettes into the bin and starts a fresh. Her life isn't perfect but it's her life and she makes the most of it . This is a defo go to girly night movie or raining day

     2. John Tucker Must Die.
so i think we have all been there , well i have many times where you like the guy/ girl you shouldn't have their bad news their greatest talent in life is too make themselves seem irresistible. i love how this girls form different social circles that either hate each other or don't know each others names join together to 'get even' . the film shoes the extent the girls go to ,to humiliate him and see how far he can be pushed . this is my all time favorite film and im ashamed to say i know it word for word .

    3. Christmas with the Kranks   
Ok this is the film at every Christmas we sit down as a family and watch its almost become a Christmas tradition. it is in my opinion the best Christmas movie made ever it just makes me laugh from start to finish without fail .

    4. The Hunger Games 
Here's the thing i'm not the kinda of girl that's into the action , fighting movie genre but more of a rom com girl. This though blew my mind the whole production of the movie itself deserves credit . I have read the books and was curious to see how the movie would be in comparison and personally I was impressed . Jennifer Lawrence is one of my favorite actors and i thought she played her part so truthfully . personally I don't think I would survive the hunger games . I can't wait  for the final part of the film to come out this year :D

    5. Hairspray 
I found chosen this one difficult because i was stuck between two but if I'm been honest who doesn't love a good old chessy sing along and Zac Efron just seems to make everything better <3. This film to me is just one where you can't help but get up and dance along to and make a fool of yourself if your like me and cant dance, god gave me 2 left feet i am almost certain.

what's you favorite films ? any recommendations?

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