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I know this is a fairly old tag but i have been desperate to find a tag to do because my blog is lacking personality but i couldn't see any floating around bloglovin' so i came across this one on jenny's everyday life blog and  felt sod it im going to give it ago.
so here i go :)

Make up 
Blush or Bronzer ?
Blush most defiantly . I just love the added colour to the cheeks i think it makes someones skin look so healthy and fresh . Bronzer can go either way on me because my neck is so white i need to very careful blending around my jaw bone.
Lipgloss or Lipstick? 
oooh this is a tough one i think im going to go with lipgloss. I'm always so conscious when i'm out with my friends in case the lipstick bleeds and i don't notice it or if it ends up all over my face when we eat out .
Eyeliner or Mascara?
even though i have gotten a bit obsessed with winged eyeliner lately you can never go wrong with mascara. 
Foundation or concealer?
concealer its quick , its simple and its reliable 
Neutral or Colour Eyeshadow ?
Neutral one hundred percent a neutral eye goes with everything and works for every occasion 
Pressed or Loose Eyeshadow?
 Pressed this sounds terrible but im not too sure what loose eyeshadow is 
Brushes or Sponges?
Brushes i just find them easier to get a grip on and i find them more hygienic once of course you wash them regularly. 

O.P.I or china glaze ?
Long or Short ?
long to an extent, i think medium size nails are nice if that makes any sense. I don't like short nails because i have had them for so long ( short bitten nails )
Acrylic or Natural ?
Natural , that damage the glue causes is not worth the acrylic even though they are very pretty .
Brights or Darks ?
Brights during the spring and summer , darks during autumn and winter 
Flower or no flower?
 i'm not too sure what that is :( #badblogger

Perfume or body spray ?
Perfume , its just one of those things i always have with me .
Lotion or Body Butter?
Body Butter always 
Body wash or Soap?
 Body wash i just find it handier i always loose the soap bar between my hands.
Lush or another bath company ?
Does Soap and Glory fall under this <3

Jeans or Sweats ?
Jeans when im out exploring the world, sweats when im at home not moving from the couch 
Long sleeve or Short?
Short because you can layer over it or not depending on the weather
Dresses or skirts ?
i like both especially during the winter with tights 
Stripes or Plaid?
Stripes , stripes !! 
Flip flops or Sandals ? 
Sandals there dressy and casual 
Scarves or Hats?
I want to say hats i love them on people but i feel to self conscious to wear one myself so a good old scarf i suppose 
Studs or dangly earrings ?
studs all the way i sleep with my earrings in because ill forget to put them in every morning otherwise.
Necklaces or Bracelets ?
I have this one special necklace and i wear it with everything.
Heels or Flats?
i love heels for a fancy event but only for a couple of hours you can always rely on flats to be your friend 
Cowboy boots or riding boots? 
Jacket or Hoodie ?
Forever 21 or Charlotte Rose?
to be honest i don't shop in either they are too fat away from me and Im not a fan of shopping online ( i never get the right size)
Abercombie or Hollister ?
to be honest the only difference i see between these brands are there names

Curly or straight ?
i have naturally really curly frizzy hair and its such a pest so i would have to say straight .
Bun or ponytail ?
A messy Pony tail
Bobby bins or Butterfly clips ?
 Bobby bins ( which like to disappear on me constantly )
Hairspray or Hair Gel ?
Hairspray :)
Long or short ?
medium length just below the shoulder , too short of hair doesn't suit me ( i wish it did) and too long hair annoys me .
Light or Dark ?
light like Lauren Conrad's hair #hairinspiration 
Side sweep bangs or full bangs ?
Side Sweep bangs :)
Up or Down ?
i think having my hair down suits my face better but i prefer it up out of my face.

Rain or Shine?
Shine , shine ! i really don't like rain unless its a Christmas night and the fire is lit and a Christmas movie in on :) 
Summer or Winter ?
Summer , even though we don't really get one here in Ireland i love the long evenings bright till 10 o clock :)
Autumn or Spring ?
i love spring seeing all the pastel colours coming back into the shops after the long winter .
Chocolate or vanilla ? 
chocolate all day everyday 

I know this post is different and the tag is old but like i said before i want to give you a chance to get to know me as a person too :) i know this is the sort of stuff i like to read when viewing someone else's blog . Hope you enjoy the post and if you see any other tags floating around let me know i love to do more :)

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