start your morning with a lemon water

So to tell you the truth I'm not particularly a morning person but once i get something into me I am some what approachable :) . I always find myself half a sleep slicing up a lemon and boiling the kettle . Having a cup of hot water and lemon is essential to my morning routine. I find the lemon water wakens me up and makes me feel more alert and it also tastes so YUM ! Not only does it make me feel amazing at the moment of drinking it but also since I have been including this into my diet my skin has become so radiant and bright it just looks so healthy and I have been getting quite a few compliments and friends inquiring what cream I am using. But the truth is its the magic of a lemon.  

The reason why i found the lemon water worked wonders on my skin was because lemon water promotes skin repair. Basically the lemon juice contains anti aging components. There is concentrated levels of antioxidants found in the acid of a lemon which help flush out toxins and free radicals from the body. The vitamin C promotes a type of protein called collagen which is responsible for the skins elasticity. 

Not only does the lemon water improves your skin but it also strengthens your immune system. It helps the immune system to stay alert against common colds and the flu / maladies. 
It aids in the absorption of iron and allows the function of digestion to be improved . This is useful for those of you like me who suffer from bloating and heartburn .

Lemon water is a very useful in reliving that dang hangover in the morning . Lemon water detoxifies the liver by increasing the production of bile which is essential for digestion. The lemon juice also controls the movement of extra bile which may cause damage to the digestive tract .

Lemon water is so simple, so affordable and so useful I definitely recommend trying it and see how you get on . Let me know in the comments if you see any difference in your skin or the way you feel after including it into your diets after a week or two. :) 

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