N.O.T.D Sally Hansen Review

I picked up this nail polish the other day because i heard so many good things about it. The only product i would normally buy from the sally hansen range would be her instant tan and that is practically my baby it comes everywhere with me ( within limitations of course) so i was excited to try her nail polish i just cant believe it took me so long.
I have never been to pushed about my nails to be honest i grew up playing the piano and the violin so long nails were a very big NoNo ! So of course within a short space of time i started the nasty habit of biting my nails ( bye bye nails ). After my exams were over and my nervous began to settle again i hated the look of my nails i had boy hand's so i started buying cheap nail polish in hopes it would help me quite my nasty habit. Unfortunately the cheap nail polish had no lasting in it ,well at least that's what i found so i gave up .
I changed my diet at the start of the year of uni ,i was determined to lose a few pounds i gained during my leaving cert year ( stress eating, exhaustion etc ) so in turn the strength of my nails improved as well so i decided to celebrate and this time buy decent nail polish.
Sally sure showed me the difference between decent and not so decent nail polish i found this nail polish to be the answer to my nail biting nightmares. The formula was so strong on my nails and i didn't nail bite through it ( the colour was to pretty ) . I shower every day , and wash up , basically my hands are in water a lot of the time like every one else's and i noticed that the polish didn't begin to chip only slightly on the second and third day , which is pretty good considering i didn't apply a top coat nail polish.
I applied two layers of this polish but you could nearly get away with one i just wanted the colour to be strong.
The brush made applying the colour quite easy and i didn't get in over my hand which is normally what happens with me .  The brush is short , it has a 800 bristle count which makes it sit nicely
on your nail when brushing it on.
The colour im wearing is no 547 Peach of cake .<3

                           'Skip the salon,but get the results'


  1. The only product I've ever tried by this brand is the top coat which was amazing, love the colour of these , so pretty! and you can play piano and violin? that's amazing :)


    1. i must try the top coat next time :) i try and play anyways , thank you <3

  2. love it, really cute color for summer!

    danielle | avec danielle

  3. I've never tried a polish from this brand before but it sounds really good! I love the shade you picked too!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. ya i was really impressed by it :) thank you :) x

  4. Ive never heard about this brand before. But next time I will try it.Would you like to follow each other in GFC?
    If you follow me and I will follow you back after it.
    thank you.


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