my nail care life saver !

Sally Hansen Complete Care 
extra moisturizing 

hello lovelies so i have mentioned it before my nails are dreadful , there so weak every time i get excited about them growing they snap or begin to peel . I have had this nail polish recommended my many of my friends but i have never brought myself around to actually buying it.  So i figured enough is enough and i finally purchased it. 

Let me tell you it was worth the wait ( my laziness ) . I use it as a base and a top coat on my nails and my nail polish lasts way longer with no lifting or peeling especially after washing my hair etc . 

My nails began to appear stronger there was no more peeling of the nail and my nails began to grow insanely fast . I'm not joking or exaggerating when I say i noticed a difference within my third use of this product.  My nails looked healthier and the white spots which i normally have on my nails were gone. 

The bristles of the brush are long and spread as you apply the product to your nail so it makes it easier to avoid getting it all over your skin ( if your like me ) .
The handle of the bottle is quite long so you can get a strong grip on it and have good control of the application :)

It is on the pricey side of things but would definitely think you would get the year out of it :). I love this product and defiantly don't regret it , to me it was worth every penny 1 :)

Have you guys tried this product ? or have any other recommendations?


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