My Face Wash must have !

Nitrogena Visible Clear Pink GrapeFruit 

I have  heard alot of mixed reviews about this product i would say 70% love 30% don't see the need to buy it again but personally i'm on the 70% side i love this product , if i was going to the desert and could only bring one product with me it would be this (apart from mascara and water ) .
Like i have said in many blog posts previously my skin isn't that bad like im blessed to never have suffered from acne but i do suffer from really sore spots that are a noticeable red and take at least a week to develop a head (soz that was probs to much information ) Bobby Biler's my mum likes to call them . They also leave such a bad scare that take a good while possibly 2-3 weeks to begin to slightly fade maybe even longer if i am constantly wearing make up through out the days in a row .
I'm not too adventurous when it comes to trying out different creams and washes for my face as my skin is quite sensitive and isn't afraid to tell me 'i don't like that stop putting it on me' , so when i find something that works i stick to it . 
I started using this product 2 years ago and its been in my life ever since . Don't get me wrong i mean it doesn't work miracles but it does help. I have noticed that it does reduce the redness in my skin and also almost soothes the pain of the spot it also minimizes the black heads around my cheeks :) 
The product is a gel texture and less is more with it. I use one pump and because i have oily skin i apply it straight from the pump to my finger tips to my face and when i massage it into my skin i wash it off with lukewarm water. I would recommend that if your skin is on the dryer side properly best to dilute it abit with water before applying it to the skin . It is best to wash off with lukewarm water but when the product is washed off slightly tap your face with cold water to close back up the pores . When my skin is in a bad state i use this wash as almost a face mask , I apply it to the skin and leave it there for less than 5 mins to sink into the skin, i find it really helpful like this when my skin is really red and sore :(
The product generally does smell like grapefruit which i love. My friends use this product to remove their make up as well and it works ,it removes it all depending on how much you rub. I don't use it to remove my make up because truthfully i cant afford to use that much of the product ( student life YAAHH !!) 
I use this product 5 days a week ( 2 days i exfoliate ) and my skin just has this lovely clean fresh sensation to it :). This face wash on average lasts me 6/7 months :) 

let me know if you have used to wash or if you recommend anything different :)

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  1. I too don't like discovering new creams and stuff. This really looks like a good product. Great review.



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