Love your lashes

w7 Absolute lashes

This mascara is basically a cheaper, drugstore copy of  benefits the real mascara. Let me tell you honestly this mascara is freaking amazing , i even had to give myself a little pat on the back for picking it up because it didn't cost me a arm and a leg. I was on the search for a good decent mascara i was tired of my lashes clumping together as i applied it rather it was one coat or three. 
I found the wand of this mascara amazing when it comes to applying it to my lashes no matter how many coats of mascara i applied i had no trouble with clumps but to be honest two coats is the most you need. The wand caused my lashes to look supper long and almost clean if you understand what i mean. This mascara is also great for those days of 'I'm not wearing any make up ' look or if your in a rush and you need to give your eyes a bit of ump ! (not sure that's even a word ) . This is my mascara couldn't live without:)

You can purchase this mascara in any cara pharmacy in Ireland and i defo recommend you do. It doesn't cost much I think I paid around 4-6 euro so you wont be kicking yourself if you find it to be an absolute fail :) .  

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