Injest a bit of Grape Fruit

Every morning for breakfast i have yogurt, homemade granola , hot water and lemon and side plate of half a grapefruit . I love grapefruit the juice is bitter like a lemon but also sweet if that makes any sense. I find grapefruit fab in the mornings it wakens me up and keeps me full right through to noon.
grapefruit's not only taste amazing they also have many benefits for our bodies Woohoo !

  • it causes the liver to produce fat burning enzymes which break down fatty acids found in our body 
  • the bitter taste is caused by the flavor naringin which controls your insulin levels.
  • promotes lean muscle growth after your workouts that increase your breathing rate.
  • contains cancer fighting components and it loaded in vitamin C, A and B complex
  • it improves your hair, skin and nails because of the vitamin B complex.
  • helps digestion and helps clear the liver out after the wild night outs ;)
  • grapefruits also help to prevent that sweet tooth ( which is my biggest demon) 
not only do they taste great , make you feel great , but they also look great .
I love the pink color its so pretty and makes me smile in the morning :)

apologies for the grapefruit mouth  

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