Infused Water / Detox water

Infused water is a great thing to add to your life especially if your getting into your healthy lifestyle.
Infused water is becoming more common around the place because not only does your water taste amazing and contains practically no calories it contains many health benefits.  Nothing is more satisfying when something taste freaking amazing but also makes you look and feel amazing as well.

  •  infused water rids the body of any excess waste. Getting all sciencie here but basically it does this by cleansing the colon, this is an important process as toxins need to exit the body and a blocked colon can cause them to be introduced into the body instead of them exiting as needed. 
  • Improves your skin:  after introducing infused water into your diet your skin will become clearer and smoother and will your see yourself with a brighter complexion. The only very small very temporary problem someone may find when they first introduce infused water into their diet is that their skin may become slightly worse and few unwanted spots may appear but this is because the toxins are being released and your skin will begin to clear up again no later then a week. The key is too let it take it course, be patient and don't squeeze !
  • infused water also :
                      - Improves mood
                      - Fills you up between meals so you don't find yourself snacking on junk food 
                      - Naturally helps your body release fat cells
                      - Keeps food moving through your digestive system 
                      - Keeps your organs healthy while your sweating 
                      - Reduces muscle fatigue while working out 
                      - Keeps you from feeling heavy groggy 
                      - Boosts your metabolism 

My favorite go to infused water at the moment includes:

- 1 Liter bottle
- 1/2 a lemon (with skin)
- 1/2 an orange (with skin)
- 4/5 slices of cucumber 

I used the lemon because the acid of a lemon helps to clear out the digestive system 
I used the orange because the peel and the juice of an orange contains flavonoids which stimulate the immune system . they reduce cholesterol levels and help fight against fungi. 
The cucumber have anti- inflammatory properties and help prevent water retention. 

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