I broke the bank : sales haul clothes

both tops from pennys 

the first stop was into penny's. I have a little routine when it comes to the order of the shops i visit , is any one else like that ? or am i just weird :p .  To be honest none of these items where on sale but its pennys ,clothes are always are bargain in there.
 The first thing i got was this maroon top i love this colour and it really suits my skin tone . The top is sleeveless and has a high neck. The only thing im conscious about this top is its quite clingy so i got it up in a size to what i normally am . I feel i can wear this top in a casual atmosphere with some patterned pants or with a blazor and high waster jeans for a more formal event.
I also picked up this simple white t-shirt style top. I'm definitely a monochrome black and white style type of girl i need to inject more colour into my life. I love this little tee with the pocket on the side i feel you could literally wear this with anything and will probs be one of my go to top when i start back into uni in September. The material is polyester which i like because the top just sits on your body and doesn't cling to your body that much.

from pennys

I also picked up these black and white printed pants ( told you monochrome :L) I'm not great for wearing bold colours or anything that's too eye catching but i wanted to pick up something a little out of my comfort zone so i thought these were a nice place to start . I love the elastic wast in these trousers there soooo comfy just like wearing Pajama bottoms out in public but not getting any funny looks.
 I paired it with this loose three quarter length blouse . I love the detail in the back and I'm such a fan of three quarter length sleeve because i always fiddle with the sleeves of tops when im board and end up wrecking them . And you cant go wrong with a white top :)

striped shorts and white top - H&M , printed shorts- Born
Next on the list was H&M. Ok ill put my hands up and admit the top was not on sale but it was only 10 euro #bargain . Its pure cotton and is soo soft im a little obsessed with it. Its also short sleeves but the material is quite thick in it so perfect for irish weather. The printed shorts were on sale though and i picked them up for 15 euro pretty good ehh ! So ya shocker their black and white . I find shorts great because a) their comfy B) their perfect for uni/college with a pairof tights and looks like you made half an effort.  I got the printed pair of shorts in born which was next on my travels. like i side earlier on im trying to step out of my comfort zone and inject abit of colour into my wardrobe  so bare with me baby steps . I just pictured wearing these with a dressy white top and a black blazer. the funny thing was i was looking at these a week of go and was going to buy them at full price thank god i waited and ended up getting them for 10 euro :) woohoo! 

river island 

ok so i was trying to avoid river island because the crowds in there does be insane ! So i decided to go ahead in later on that evening when it had completely quieted down and still managed to pick up quite a few pieces. The black dress at the back of the photo is cotton and i was unsure about it when i was in the shop but got it anyways , its more suited for the winter but lets be honest that's perfect for Ireland. Its got a high neck and has a flowing style to the bottom of it, its also short sleeved and made from cotton which makes it super soft and comfy. The lime green top has this amazing high split up along the back , its loose and comfy. The little detailed collar around the top adds that girly classic look. This grey top is one of my fav purchases its one of those sleeveless tops that reach almost your knees and has high splits at the sides. I can just picture this top with white ripped jeans and and converse or jelly shoes :)  

river  island 

While in river island i also picked up this maroon patterned dress. i was so lucky it was the last one there and it was in my size ( luck of the Irish ;) ) I'm not massively into dresses I'm more of jeans type girl but i liked this and thought it would be lovely with some simple flats and tights . This dress hangs on my body frame nicely and has a flowy style to it.
Lastly I picked up another one of these tops with the slit at the sides. This one doesn't go down as far to your knees which is slightly better for me because I don't have the longest legs . I just love these tops i think their so edgy and perfect for that messy bun ripped jeans look. The top is made 100% cotton and is so soft and they don't cling to your body :)

have any had any luck in the sales? did you pick up any nice pieces ? :)

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