beauty hacks for lazy girls (like me)

Have you gone someone and could only bring a limited amount of stuff or if you're like me you don't want to bring your whole make up drawer with you when your going on holiday or something :) Because I'm that kind of girl, I've always found myself in a situation where i have 'forgotten' (didnt pack) essential products like foundation ( jokes I'm not bad ) 
anyways over time during my lazy moments i have picked up a few tricks here and there to help us lazy girls out :) 

     1.   Easy Contouring :     If you don't feel like or have the time to do that fabulous duck face in the           mirror or mark with great precession where your contour should be, simply make the figure 3 on your face for easy contouring . Start at your temple, make the 3 shape very lightly and build it up as you feel , but remember less is more especially if you are in a rush :)

     2.   Eye shadow as Eyebrow fillers:  A nude/ brown eye shadow palette is genially found in every           girls make-up bag and shade found in the most nude palettes suffice doe your eyebrow colour. So why not lighten the load with one palette that can multi task ( just like a women ) 

     3.  Lipstick as blush :  swipe a pinky tone lipstick onto your index finger and wipe it into your                 cheek . The friction between your finger and your cheek will cause heat and allow the lipstick to         become creamy .

     4.  Curl your hair in one go:  I remember I used to have to spend a good hour trying to curl my whole head in the morning which was never any help when i was in rush , and when i used to go on holidays i could never decide on which i needed more my straightener or my curler ( sigh girl probs) so i learnt this quick and easy trick to curl your whole head in minutes. 
Simply put 2 plaits in your hair, run the straighter down each plait and you will get instant beach waves , add a bit of hairspray and Woohoo !
       5.  No more panda eyes : ok so trying to put mascara on in a rush it just a disaster if you don't prod yourself in the eye and become semi blind for a few seconds, you find yourself walking the streets with panda eyes. What i like to do to avoid this drama is pull out a card ( usually my student ID) place it on top of my eyelid, and result no panda eyes :) 

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