10 facts every woman should know !!

Ok so i was scrolling through Instagram the other day as i do every day , every hour but i found this and i thought WOW!  this is something every girl out there needs to have saved to her phone, printed out and stuck to her bedroom wall , read it every morning as she wipes the sleep from her eyes.
Nobody is perfect and yes we like to say that we know that and its not possible but sometimes at the back of our mind we try and be the impossible , we try to be Perfect !
A lot of us out their struggle with self esteem and somedays we have bad days and we feel as if we are the only ones with these struggles and that we are alone trying to get through them. I love this list because it reassures me that we all have these similar struggles but the thing is we can get through them and we are not alone.  
I have learnt through my years that you only have one body so love it and treat it well no matter what size it is, you only have one life so go out and enjoy it challenge yourself and be proud you over came it , not all days are good days and that's ok :) 


  1. A very thoughtful post! It's so easy to compare yourself to others but all you need to do is be yourself. thanks for sharing :)

    ♡ SleepyHeaven♡


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