Let's Support Jamie

Food Education 

- one in four Irish children are becoming overweight/ obese

- 42 million children worldwide under age of 5 are overweight/ obese

- more and more children are being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

                                                                  SCARY RIGHT !

We need to as a community to try and save the future generation before it becomes to late. These kids don't have a chance because the don't understand the difference between a packet of crisps and a handful of carrots no mind the food pyramid. They are not given a chance to learn and understand before it is too late. It has been said that if the future generations continue this pattern their will be no such thing as an army because none of the future soldiers will be fit enough to carry out such intense fitness tasks. The future generation should be allowed to live their lives to the fullest while they are young not spending their time in and out of hospital but instead hoping onto a plane and exploring the world. 

We need to help send the message out their of the positive food intake our body respects and deserves. Humans are possibly the most active when they are young so we should teach the young to supply your body with the correct fuel and will live a happy healthy active future filled with adventures with no barriers and Jamie has the power to do this so lets give a helping hand in changing the future :D

Lets be part of the changing future :)

Red Clover x

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