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Benefit Erase Paste

I have extremely bad under eye circles and bad scarring on my face from spots. No matter what foundation I would buy and no matter how much coverage it would provide you could still see the marks and circles through the foundation. I didn't want to have to load on foundation every time I wanted to head out because I hate the caked look but I also needed to cover them up .
From reading other beauty blogs and YouTube videos I hade seen a lot of beauty gurus recommend this product so I saved up and splashed out and have never looked back.
This product works wonders , it
  • covers my scars
  • covers my under eye circles
  • prevents me from over doing the foundation
the creamy texture sits perfectly over my foundation and doesn't disturb the foundation under it .
A little of this product goes a long way . I set if with a small bit of press powder and I'm set for the day .

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