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powder b
blush brush
stippling brush
expert face brush
real technique brushes are like the affordable mac brushes. You could have the most expensive make up product out there but without a decent brush to apply it , its worth fudge all to you.

hand on my heart say i would be lost without these brushes , they make applying make up enjoyable i can almost guarantee my make is going to be evenly buffed into my skin.

powder brush
powder brush - this brush always found in my hand bag its just the definition of brilliance :D . Do you ever have those days when you go shopping during the winter or autumn and you're wrapped as mush as possible to head out to town for a bit of retail therapy and your all snug in your scarf, gloves , double fleeced jumper, hat , jeans, woolly socks ,and finally boots only to be like the melting snowman after Christmas when you get into the shops. Well this always happens to me and because of my oily skin its a guarantee when I look in the mirror in the dressing room a shiny face is staring back at me . Powder and this brush are my miracle workers a quick swish around my face and all is well again
blush brush
blush brush - I have to say I was never a lover of applying blush just because I was always horrific at it. I used have this terrible little brush that was donkey years old and wasn't even a proper make up brush, I'm not exaggerating when I say I was the family clown when I would come down from my room . not only was I hopeless but the brush wasn't to great either . ever since I bought this brush I can finally say I have said goodbye to by teenage clown days.
expert face brush -I have such bad healing and I don't know why but basically if I get a cut or a spot that leaves a scar it  takes weeks for the marks to disappear so concealer is a most for me .I also have really bad dark circles under my eyes that just feel the need to remain there and drive me crazy :p.
when I used to apply concealer before it would come back on the brush so I would be there for 10 minutes still with the concealer on the brush I know it was probably a combination of bad concealer and brush but neither was doing me any favours .when eventually I moved from the step of being in the brush to my face it would go on all blotchy and stich together its was better word to describe it yucky . when I started using this brush it was like the weight of the world had been lifted from my shoulders. I love using this brush with liquid concealers and it just does its job with no fuss :) 
stippling brush - to be honest with you I cant think of words to describe this brush its just works , it manages to buff the foundation into your skin so evenly and makes the little bits of foundation cover your whole face .
Real Techniques = Money well spent = happy Ciara :D
Red Clover <3


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