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I am obsessed with mac products I just love them but unfortunately these are the only three products I have been lucky enough to try as they are quite expensive but nether less I have not been disappointed.
I am quite self aware of my skin and the products I put on it. I have been quite lucky and have never suffered from acne but at the same time my skin Is quite sensitive about the stuff I place on it and is not afraid to tell me it doesn't like it by 'popping' up one or two nasty spots. Because of this I am quite careful about the products I place onto my skin and mac just seems to work its like its my skin's best friend. Obviously it doesn't stop my skin from getting spots altogether but it certainly helps them and reduces the amount of family members on my face. Because of the mac finish these products give it allows me to cover up a spot without loading on the amount of product.
mac studio fix fluid

I love this foundation I wear it nearly ever single day (expect those skin breathing pj loving days obvs ) . I find though you need to be careful with the colour match of these products. At the moment my studio fix fluid is in the shade NW20 which was perfect for my skin tone during the summer but now as the winter has kicked in my skin as become fairer and my neck does not match my face anymore (I'm awkwardly wearing scarfs indoors the whole time ) ,. But besides that hick up this foundation is perfect for my skin , I have quite oily skin so I need to be careful which mac product I use but the studio fix covers my skin up , gives me that' mac finish but also a little shine without making it look like I have just come back from a jog.
mac studio tech
To be honest I don't love this product as much as the studio fix fluid only because its a little more awkward to apply and it doesn't give as good of coverage. in order to apply this foundation I find I have to wet my brush slightly in order to get as much of this product evenly spread across my face. it doesn't give as much coverage and is quite light on the skin. On my good skin days I love this product but unfortunately I get more bad skin days then good .

mac mineralize skin finish
no look is complete without powder to set it all . This powder is great and I love powder if I was stranded on an island and I could only bring one make up product it would be either powder or mascara - I love mascara but that's another rant . Powders are great for me because of my oily skin and I am not shy in applying it to may face . This product has lasted my one year and trust me I used it !! talk about value for your money .
 Red Clover <3

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