eyebrow brush DIY

So we all got to contain our brows, but i suppose that's easier said then done. To be honest im not one for filling in my brows there quite full and the colour is quite strong as it is . my mother would never let me near my brows she would murder me if i even held a tweezers . She was trying to get me to learn from her mistakes and at this moment of this day i am grateful ,i would have started to pluck and would have never stopped .
so my eyebrows are quite thick but just decent there not hairy slugs on my eyes either my mother is not that bad she brought me into the beautician to get them done properly .
Basically I bought one of those fancy brow combs in boots during the summer and don't get me wrong it was brilliant whipped those brows right back to shape but see im one of those peeps who just throws stuff into her bag thinking everything is unbreakable so as you can properly guess from the story it ends in tears with my brow brush snapping in half and all the bristles slowly but surely falling off one by one :(
i was clearing out my make up and getting rid of old mascaras and i just for some random reason looked at the mascara brush differently i just wondered if i washed the mascara off it and dried it off would it fix my eyebrows temporarily just until i could go to town to buy a proper one.


i wish i could remember what i ate that day because it was actually genius.mascara brush works perfectly for brushing the eyebrows into shape and because of the rubber it will never break and if you lose it you can always replace it with another dried up mascara brush .
Red Clover <3

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