19th Birthday presents

 Im a little crazy when It comes to River Island and my mummy new that when it came to shopping. I love my bag and purse. The bag is so handy because its big but not huge and because of the square structure it never loses its shape or fall off my shoulder ( nothing is more annoying ) and I can find everything without having to root for it.
I needed a knew purse desperately as my old one was literally falling apart but I have had it since I was fourteen it was from river island as well so fingers crossed this one lasts as long :D
THE BOOTS oh my god the boots trust me when I say my jaw was hurting I was smiling that much when I opened the shoe box to find theses boots. I love boots and have been on the search for a decent pair of angle boots that give me a little height . I had seen these boots in the store but the were all out my size and were a little out of my price range so I was placing my bets that they might be going on the Christmas sale but that was a big risk so you can just imagine the relief and how shocked I was to see these little boots staring back at me at the start of November :D.
Red Clover <3 

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