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So I got paid two weeks ago and figured what better way to celebrate then to spend it :D .
I hadn't properly shopped since last summer because of the crazy year last year .

Of  course I found loads of bits and bobs in Pennys / Primark.

I may have gotten a little carried away .....
  I have been on the search for a statement necklace now for a while , I wanted to get one that I felt comfortable wearing and almost blended in . Statement necklaces are quite bold and you need confidence to wear one and pull it off which I don't have yet. I liked this one in Pennys because it was bold but the colours were subtle and I loved the pink in it .
  I like to keep fit and head to fitness classes as often as I can but with this beautiful weather hitting our Irish shores lately its been difficult to walk from one side of the room to the next . I wanted to embrace our lucky weather and get out and enjoy the sun but I needed proper gym gear first. I couldn't believe my luck when I found three quarter length tracksuit bottoms I haven't been able to find them anywhere and here they were in Pennys for 10 euro . I also picked up a little vest top that was loose fitting and dark grey colour which wouldn't let the sweat marks be as noticeable.
  I was on my way out when the grey/ white netted top caught my eye. I like white and black colours because you cant go wrong with them , they match everything and you can get away with wearing them in any season. The top was dressy and it fitted great ( wasn't too fitted or too loose ) . It had a low round neck which you could add a statement necklace too .
  Please god I will be starting into university next year or I might even take a gap year and do some of the travelling I have been dreaming about but either way I needed a descent make-up bag that held loads. I have bought make- up bags in Pennys before but they have always falling apart on me so I was a bit iffy buying this one but for 3 euro wear could I go wrong. The bad is big I mean you could one of your creams in their too and its a strong bag it wont rip and the zip shouldn't break (well it hasn't yet ) I loved this make- up so much that I went back in the next day and bought another one -_-
    What I love about Pennys is the little bits and pieces you can pick up ..

hair mask, body lotion , nail set
  I have always wanted to try a hair mask , its suppose to be really nutritious for your hair and help it grow so I picked this one up because its natural and affordable in case it goes to waste. I still haven't tried it yet but fingers crossed it works out well.
I am obsessed with the smell of coconut , every soup and bath wash in my bathroom is coconut scented so when I saw this coconut body lotion I was not leaving the store without it . I apply into my skin after I have a bath or shower . Its quite oily as you wouldn't want to have to much in your hand trying to rub it in and it does take a few minutes to dry in so remember less it more. But its smells amazing :D
 I have no reason for buying the nail set besides the point off how cute it looks there so tiny and portable you can throw it into your hand bag or overnight bag .

   Next Stop was New Look
white shirt, kimono, sparkled shirt

I love collars I mean they can be dressy or casual what ever you please.

I picked up this white shirt because it was simple and you could wear it loose over jeans or tucked into a skirt . The material was lovely and it was see through so you could make it pop with a red / pink vest top or purple to add colour to it. I have worn this over faded blue skinny jeans , with the statement necklace mentioned above and simple sandles and got so many compliments because of the shirt they were expecting it to be dearer then what it was . What I love about this shirt is that its light I wasn't passing out in it and it felt almost like I wasn't wearing anything , this shirt would be great if you wear heading out for dinner some where nice and sunny for your holidays.
  Kimonos are great they can make the simplest of outfits pop. I love this one because of the colours its so easy to match it with and its not to bright and doesn't scream look at me which I love. The material in it is  light and it fits perfect , it sits on the shoulders and doesn't fall down all the time .
You could wear this kimono in the winter with a black turtle neck or long sleeved top because of the colours.
  The sparkled shirt I wasn't sure about it . Its abit out of my comfort zone , its quite eye catching .
I loved the shirt when I first saw it but I would have loved it on someone else but I figured your an adult now its time to start moving out of your comfort zone so I bought it . The material was the same as the other shirt but this one was a little shorter and sitted just below your belly button . I think this shirt would be nice with faded blue skinny jeans and your hair in a loose bun or side fishtail . But to be honest I haven't worn it yet but hope to very soon :)

     Last but not least was swamp :) 

There was a sale but I missed it :(  but I went ahead in and looked at the last little pieces left and the one single rail . This little baby pick top was left on its own and it was in my size . I really liked this top it wasn't fitted but fitted nicely around the shoulders and was simple yet had a small bit of detail at the bottom . But the best past for me  was that it was reduced from 30 euro to 7 euro . Its one of those tops wear its dressy and casual at the same time and you don't have to even try . Its perfect for those shopping days with your mates or heading in to town to grad a bite to eat. :D

So that's were all my money went to now I'm broke :D.
Let me know in the comments if ye would pair these outfits with anything and is there one top in your wardrobe that is your go to top that's fits perfect all the time ..

 Red Clover <3

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  1. That looks like a great haul. I do have a go to top, that I bought in the sale from Hobbes, it's black with a peter pan collar. It was such an amazing deal, it was £30 so essentially the same as buying something full priced from Zara or Topshop but it was Hobbes.


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