No 7 Creams for Life

I'm one of those people that freaks over their skin, I have being very lucky and have managed to avoid acne but still got a lot of sore spots that left heavy scarring on my face. I didn't start wearing make- up till I was sixteen and I became very aware of my skin.  I hadn't a clue what brands were out their and what was the difference between creams apart from their names. I turned to my mommy for help and she turned to No 7 her second best friend ( me being first obvs ;) )

Of course being the clueless sixteen year old I was I picked up the wrong skin type for my skin.. I manager to be a girly girl and picked up the one with the pink ring around the lid failing to notice it was for normal / dry skin ( I have oily skin ) . So I went home happy as larry all set and ready for my new adventure into women hood . To be honest I really liked the cream it agreed with my skin I had no reaction to it at all , my only problem was that it made my skin very oily . It was soothing on my skin and dried in quickly ( I don't have a lot of patience :D ) .  It had no fragrance to it which was great if you had sensitive skin like me !
When I finished off the jar of the cream which took me about 6 months maybe even more I went back in and got the correct skin type the normal / oily. There was a huge difference for me ! The moisturiser was thick and creamy to apply but it was in no way greasy it left almost a matt finish on my skin.  Both the creams had SPF 15 which is great for not only warm sunny weather but the frosty cold winters can do harm to your skin as well.
Unfortunately I'm not very adventurous when it comes to skin care products and when I find one that works for me I normally stick buy it forever . I have purchased this moisturiser 4 times in the past two and half years I find a little bit of it on your skin goes a long way. What's great about these moisturizers is that you can identify them from each other when you know the difference .
Pink ring = normal / dry ,
Green ring = normal / oily,
If you are looking for a moisturizer that gives full protection and doesn't leave your skin feeling oily then these are your new babies . These are my go to products , my stranded in a dessert one item.
I love them and think they are worth a try :)
No 7 products are generally found at boots stores and the moisturizers cost €17.50 a little pricy but in my eyes so worth it.
I'm not a professional when it comes to skin but I just have never had a bad day with these products and have even managed to swing some of friends to using them as well and they feel the same way about them  :)  




  1. Hey I've nominated you for a Liebster award which is just a bit of fun if you want to check it out?
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  2. hiya that's brilliant thank you very much :) appreciate it lots :D
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