Bare Minerals Obsession

  This time last year I set out on a mission . I wanted to buy decent make-up , expensive make- up , make-up that made me feel good. Unfortunately I am a strong believer in you get what you pay for. I put a good bit of money aside in a separate purse (out of sight out of mind ) and began to save up.
   I headed to Galway with my mam and headed into Brown Thomas. I spent a good while bopping around to the different make up stalls and eventually came across Bare Minerals. I have a thing for powder make- up I feel its not as heavy on the skin as liquid but at the same time I needed good coverage. Bare Minerals was the perfect fit. Its was a powder and you could apply as much as you needed in terms of coverage.
 I bought the starter kit for €58.00 it included the 3 brushes, foundation , bronzer , finishing powder and a primer.  All for €58.00 I was a very happy lady :)
  The foundation is my go to foundation , I do try other products but this one always wins for me. I found it gives me great coverage and it doesn't look caky or powdery on the skin. I often even get compliments on my skin when I wear this foundation (for my skin not the foundation :o) . The main thing that I love about applying this foundation is that its not difficult you simply buff into the skin and it comes out looking even and natural. It's so easy :)
  I am quite pale and I purchased the light but I still find it quite dark on my skin so I mostly wear  it on nights out :D It's also really good for your skin, as it does contain minerals. Personally, I have found this to reduce blemishes so much quicker, and I really believe it helps with the healing process.

  The finishing powder really sets the foundation . I find my look is not complete without it , it really sets the foundation onto your skin . I love the finishing powder because its just so handy whenever I begin to sweat I'm conscience that my foundation has disappeared but it hasn't . When I apply the finishing powder on the places I feel the sweat it sets my foundation and evens it out while applying coverage without having to apply more foundation. Its an added bonus ! Your skin doesn't looked caked in make- up and you don't feel the same heaviness on your skin as you would when re applying liquid foundation ..  

  Personally I'm not a fan of bronzers its just because I'm awkward and can't apply it to my skin , but the bronzer in this kit I could actually use and even better liked. Its not to dark but at the same time be careful of the amount you apply. I  mostly like to define my jaw bone and with the angled brush you receive with the kit it helped to prevent my head looking detached from my neck .

  I think what gives this kit its edge is the fact that you also get 3 different types of brushes that are supper handy .
  The concealer brush = probably the brush I use the most out of all my brushes , its flat headed and the hairs are soft on the skin and the don't fall off randomly around your skin ( if you understand what I mean ) . I don't just use this brush with the minerals, infact I think it works just as well with any cream or liquid concealer.
  The 'Full Flawless Face' brush = This, I believe, although scratchy and not very face-friendly, does the job better than any other brush because it was made especially for the application of minerals.  This brush gives the best coverage and the best finish. Its has quite a large head so covers more area's around the skin and makes it easier to apply . If your looking for full coverage evenly applied brush I would recommend this brush but if you before softer bristles this brush isn't for you :(.

  All though I say I find these products to give good coverage I'm not a beauty professional in any sense and this is just my opinion . I never suffered from terribly bad skin only a few spots here and there but I do scar and find this helps me in that department .
The kit also includes a primer which is not too oily on the skin and dries in straight away which is great for people like me who have oily skin :D

  And a get started booklet and DVD :D

So where do I buy my products ?
  Bare minerals can be found in Brown Thomas and Debenhams shops around the country.

  So that's my review of the face products i have and have been using for a long long time.
I'd really love to try out some of their eyeshadows, as i've heard some great things about them. If anybody has any reccommendations for shades they think i'd like, do let me know.
Red Clover <3

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