real technique brushes

powder b
blush brush
stippling brush
expert face brush
real technique brushes are like the affordable mac brushes. You could have the most expensive make up product out there but without a decent brush to apply it , its worth fudge all to you.

hand on my heart say i would be lost without these brushes , they make applying make up enjoyable i can almost guarantee my make is going to be evenly buffed into my skin.

powder brush
powder brush - this brush always found in my hand bag its just the definition of brilliance :D . Do you ever have those days when you go shopping during the winter or autumn and you're wrapped as mush as possible to head out to town for a bit of retail therapy and your all snug in your scarf, gloves , double fleeced jumper, hat , jeans, woolly socks ,and finally boots only to be like the melting snowman after Christmas when you get into the shops. Well this always happens to me and because of my oily skin its a guarantee when I look in the mirror in the dressing room a shiny face is staring back at me . Powder and this brush are my miracle workers a quick swish around my face and all is well again
blush brush
blush brush - I have to say I was never a lover of applying blush just because I was always horrific at it. I used have this terrible little brush that was donkey years old and wasn't even a proper make up brush, I'm not exaggerating when I say I was the family clown when I would come down from my room . not only was I hopeless but the brush wasn't to great either . ever since I bought this brush I can finally say I have said goodbye to by teenage clown days.
expert face brush -I have such bad healing and I don't know why but basically if I get a cut or a spot that leaves a scar it  takes weeks for the marks to disappear so concealer is a most for me .I also have really bad dark circles under my eyes that just feel the need to remain there and drive me crazy :p.
when I used to apply concealer before it would come back on the brush so I would be there for 10 minutes still with the concealer on the brush I know it was probably a combination of bad concealer and brush but neither was doing me any favours .when eventually I moved from the step of being in the brush to my face it would go on all blotchy and stich together its was better word to describe it yucky . when I started using this brush it was like the weight of the world had been lifted from my shoulders. I love using this brush with liquid concealers and it just does its job with no fuss :) 
stippling brush - to be honest with you I cant think of words to describe this brush its just works , it manages to buff the foundation into your skin so evenly and makes the little bits of foundation cover your whole face .
Real Techniques = Money well spent = happy Ciara :D
Red Clover <3


Merry Christmas

19th Birthday presents

 Im a little crazy when It comes to River Island and my mummy new that when it came to shopping. I love my bag and purse. The bag is so handy because its big but not huge and because of the square structure it never loses its shape or fall off my shoulder ( nothing is more annoying ) and I can find everything without having to root for it.
I needed a knew purse desperately as my old one was literally falling apart but I have had it since I was fourteen it was from river island as well so fingers crossed this one lasts as long :D
THE BOOTS oh my god the boots trust me when I say my jaw was hurting I was smiling that much when I opened the shoe box to find theses boots. I love boots and have been on the search for a decent pair of angle boots that give me a little height . I had seen these boots in the store but the were all out my size and were a little out of my price range so I was placing my bets that they might be going on the Christmas sale but that was a big risk so you can just imagine the relief and how shocked I was to see these little boots staring back at me at the start of November :D.
Red Clover <3 

eyebrow brush DIY

So we all got to contain our brows, but i suppose that's easier said then done. To be honest im not one for filling in my brows there quite full and the colour is quite strong as it is . my mother would never let me near my brows she would murder me if i even held a tweezers . She was trying to get me to learn from her mistakes and at this moment of this day i am grateful ,i would have started to pluck and would have never stopped .
so my eyebrows are quite thick but just decent there not hairy slugs on my eyes either my mother is not that bad she brought me into the beautician to get them done properly .
Basically I bought one of those fancy brow combs in boots during the summer and don't get me wrong it was brilliant whipped those brows right back to shape but see im one of those peeps who just throws stuff into her bag thinking everything is unbreakable so as you can properly guess from the story it ends in tears with my brow brush snapping in half and all the bristles slowly but surely falling off one by one :(
i was clearing out my make up and getting rid of old mascaras and i just for some random reason looked at the mascara brush differently i just wondered if i washed the mascara off it and dried it off would it fix my eyebrows temporarily just until i could go to town to buy a proper one.


i wish i could remember what i ate that day because it was actually genius.mascara brush works perfectly for brushing the eyebrows into shape and because of the rubber it will never break and if you lose it you can always replace it with another dried up mascara brush .
Red Clover <3

Mac Cosmetics

mac skin finish natural powder
mac studio fix fluid
mac studio tech
I am obsessed with mac products I just love them but unfortunately these are the only three products I have been lucky enough to try as they are quite expensive but nether less I have not been disappointed.
I am quite self aware of my skin and the products I put on it. I have been quite lucky and have never suffered from acne but at the same time my skin Is quite sensitive about the stuff I place on it and is not afraid to tell me it doesn't like it by 'popping' up one or two nasty spots. Because of this I am quite careful about the products I place onto my skin and mac just seems to work its like its my skin's best friend. Obviously it doesn't stop my skin from getting spots altogether but it certainly helps them and reduces the amount of family members on my face. Because of the mac finish these products give it allows me to cover up a spot without loading on the amount of product.
mac studio fix fluid

I love this foundation I wear it nearly ever single day (expect those skin breathing pj loving days obvs ) . I find though you need to be careful with the colour match of these products. At the moment my studio fix fluid is in the shade NW20 which was perfect for my skin tone during the summer but now as the winter has kicked in my skin as become fairer and my neck does not match my face anymore (I'm awkwardly wearing scarfs indoors the whole time ) ,. But besides that hick up this foundation is perfect for my skin , I have quite oily skin so I need to be careful which mac product I use but the studio fix covers my skin up , gives me that' mac finish but also a little shine without making it look like I have just come back from a jog.
mac studio tech
To be honest I don't love this product as much as the studio fix fluid only because its a little more awkward to apply and it doesn't give as good of coverage. in order to apply this foundation I find I have to wet my brush slightly in order to get as much of this product evenly spread across my face. it doesn't give as much coverage and is quite light on the skin. On my good skin days I love this product but unfortunately I get more bad skin days then good .

mac mineralize skin finish
no look is complete without powder to set it all . This powder is great and I love powder if I was stranded on an island and I could only bring one make up product it would be either powder or mascara - I love mascara but that's another rant . Powders are great for me because of my oily skin and I am not shy in applying it to may face . This product has lasted my one year and trust me I used it !! talk about value for your money .
 Red Clover <3

Drink Water

  • The key to Healthy Skin is too keep it hydrated .Water flushes out the toxins in your body so as a result if your make the change in your diet to include more water your skin will show the toxins in the form of spots for only a little while (these spots are good spots :D ) . We lose a lot of water through out the day whether we like it or not so its important to replace it. Lack of water in your diet leads to dry tight skin  and later in years increase the amount of wrinkles on our skin. When drink plenty of water, your skin will help prevent you from losing excess fluid. To help lock the moisture into your skin, use a moisturizer as this will create a physical barrier so your skin won’t lose the moisture. 
  • Drinking water keeps your skin cleansed and hydrated, encouraging clear, fresh skin. By drinking water you flush out toxins and eliminate the dirt that clogs the pores of your skin, giving you a healthier glow !
  • Dinking water is the most effective way to detox your body. Your kidneys wont be able to excrete toxins in your body if they are  dehydrated . If this happens, your bowel function, kidneys and liver will all be affected, leading to a build up of toxins in your blood :(

  • Drinking water helps to boost the metabolism and regulate the appetite which in result helps to maintain a  healthy weight

  • People often mix up thirst for hunger. If you drink plenty of water regularly you can easily distinguish when you are hungry or thirsty which helps to avoid over eating.

  • Drink plenty of water to make your hair naturally soft and silky. If you have frizzy or brittle hair, don't bother with expensive products – just drink more water and you will see a difference in no time.

How much water ?

Personally I would recommend drinking 3 litres of water a day or 4 for positive effects :D
Trust me this is one beauty secret I will live by for the rest of my life. Its effective in your whole body and you will never look back once you get into this routine.
I like to split the 3 litres up through out the day like this 
 - 1 litre in the morning during and after breakfast
 - 1 litre with my dinner at around 2- 4
 - 1 litre after 6 o clock  :D

Healthy Oat Cookies

So I love biscuits so much , their my guilty pleasure but once I start eating them I cant stop :( so I decided I wanted to continue having them as my guilty pleasure just minus the guilt. :D

  • mixing bowl
  • whisk
  • measuring cups and spoons
  • tray
  • grease proof paper (optional )

  • 1 cup of oats
  • 50g of dried cranberries (optional )
  • flaked almonds ( optional )
  • 1/2 cup of almond milk *
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 egg white
  • 1/2 tsp of almond essence (optional )
  • sprinkle of cinnamon
  • some amount of oil for the tray
* if you don't have almond milk mix some low fat milk with the tsp of almond essence
  • Preheat oven to 190 degrees
  • Add all the dry ingredients to the mixing bowl ( oats, cranberries, flaked almonds, baking powder, cinnamon )
  • Then add the wet ingredients ( milk , egg white , vanilla and almond essence )
  • Mix well with whisk
  • Grease the tray with the oil ( you could use butter either )*
* I wouldn't recommend using the grease proof paper as the cookies tend to stick to it and crumble but if you want to be extra healthy you can try with the paper just use a spatula while they are hot to remove them
  • Cook for 20 minutes
  • Leave them to cool before placing them in a container

eat and enjoy guilt free :D
Red Clover <3


So I wanted to take a step back from beauty and fashion for this post and right something almost 'real' . Today I got some incredible disappointing news . It was one of those things that killed me inside but would have been like water of a ducks back to someone else outside the situation. My biggest emotion was disappointment. After crying for hours I began to think of the term disappointment  and to me it feels like you have been kicked in the stomach several times and living you worst nightmare that never ends.

After eating every sugary food in the house I remember being like ''why me ? ''. I'm sure these three little words go through everyone's head in a bad situation, you see yourself as this good person who didn't deserve this big downfall and you want to know why. You deserve to know why. You don't need to hear the favourite quote ''everything happens for a reason '' , you worked hard for this and you deserved for it to work out. What happened to ' Hard work pays off ? ''. So after sitting there being to full to move from the comfort eating I realised that maybe I hate that cliché quote because maybe its true its some weird universe that you have to accept . As hard as it was for me to understand maybe I wasn't ready to move on and this disappointment had the ability to stop me whether I liked it or not.
Unfortunately though I didn't want to accept it , I wanted to move on with my life , to get out of this town and find adventure, freedom .  I didn't want to spend another year doing the same thing everyday in wishful hopes of next year will be my year. In the end your brain finally finds it way to you and shows you the light from under the tunnel you just have to find it. I started researching other ways around my disappointment and becoming a little happier as I pushed the hurt away.

I guess the point of this post is that as hurtful disappointment can be crying and getting upset only helps for a little while. Yes it makes you feel better at the time but long term you're still stuck at the start of you tunnel. I'm only beginning to dig myself out and I haven't found the light but I'm a lot closer to it now then I was with mascara webs down my face. 

I picked this picture because it was all I wanted to do today. I wanted to pick up my house I move somewhere away from the disappointment , I wanted to hide away in hopes that it would go away but unfortunately balloons deflate , burst and you come crashing down to realisation . You have to face the hurt to make it better.
Red Clover <3

Liebster Award

Before I start I want to thank the lovely Alice at She's Thunderstorms for the nomination. At first I hadn't  a clue what this was all about but when I learned more about it I couldn't wait to jump in and do it. I find this so exciting and a great way to find  bloggers and let your readers find out a bit more about you. Its all for a bit of 'craic' (Irish expression for fun ) so I cant wait to read my nominees answers :D.

The rules are as follows :
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, and link back to them.
2.Answer the questions they sent to you.
3.Nominate 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers to answer your own set of questions.
4.Notify these 11 bloggers you nominated them.

1.What is your dream job?   uggh god I actually found this question really hard to answer I wanted it to be something amazing and out of this would but the truth is I want to be a successful blogger, giving my advice to my readers and hoping it helps them in some way no matter how small .. eeeep I know cringe :L
2. What is the one lipstick you could not live without ?   Rimmel Kate Moss 107
3. If you could live in one country in the world where would you live ?  Australia , its just something about living by the beach and waking up every morning to the fresh smell of clean air .
4.Why did you start blogging ? I have been reading blogs for over two years now and I love them . I've wanted to start a blog for ages but was worried I wouldn't have the time to commit to one, I use to right my ''blogposts'' into a diary in hopes that someday I might actually be able to do it .
5.What is your beauty bad habit ? Not washing my brushes for months I mean months !!!
6.What is the one make-up brand you could not live without ? MAC without a doubt I love their products
7. What is your favourite film ? Letters to Juliet
8. Favourite band ? girl power Little Mix all the way
9.Do you have any tattoos ? I do I have a music note , a treble clef on my left wrist. I love music and have been playing the piano since I can remember someday I hope to teach it to young kids.
10. Favourite item in your wardrobe? my dark denim skinny jeans , I cant live without them they go with everything

Nominees :
- Hair to Hips
- Emily couture 95
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- Carolyn's Simple Life
- Her Face in the Crowd
- Harriet Rosie
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My Questions -
1. One thing you've always wanted to do ?
2. Favourite food ?
3. Beauty product you could not live without ?
4. Why did you start blogging?
5. Favourite hair product ?
6. Favourite T.V show ?
7. Favourite place in the world ?
8. Favourite item of clothing ?
9. Favourite clothes shop ?

Enjoy and have fun
Hope you enjoyed this post I know I did :D if you would like me to answer more questions about myself just leave it in the comments :D

Red Clover <3

No 7 Calm Skin

Do you ever find yourself in an uncomfortable situation and feeling embarrassed , you can feel yourself boiling up and your cheeks turning red . On some girls this is classified as cute but not for me unless you would consider a red hot tomato cute.
 This was a major problem for me and I had to do something about it and then I found this .
no 7 calm skin redness - relief balm

I found this cream a great help. Whenever  I was put in uncomfortable situations like being called out in class for the answer or reading, even talking about boys that I didn't even have a crush on . I hated being like that it was so embarrassing and uncomfortable because I could feel my skin burning up but there was nothing I could do about it .
Unfortunately for me not only was I unlucky to be like this but it was also unavoidable as it was in my family passed down from generation my mum has it and so does my aunt. I had the worst reactions because of my anxiety I would panic about my skin flaring up and them think to much about that situation and what everyone was thinking about me rather then trying to calm myself down and focussing on myself .
I bought this cream hoping for a miracle and have never looked back . It hasn't preformed a complete miracle as I still feel myself getting hot and sweaty in those situations still but it has reduced the redness in my skin hugely.

You apply the cream on top of your moisturizer and its not greasy at all . I have oily skin so I have to be careful of the amount of creams I apply to my skin . This cream sinks in perfectly after a few minutes I even can apply my primer on top of it then.
This cream helped the appearance of my skin hugely including scars I would have left after spots.
If you apply the cream morning and evening after cleansing it will have a long term effect on your skin.

Red Clover <3


Shopping Haul


So I got paid two weeks ago and figured what better way to celebrate then to spend it :D .
I hadn't properly shopped since last summer because of the crazy year last year .

Of  course I found loads of bits and bobs in Pennys / Primark.

I may have gotten a little carried away .....
  I have been on the search for a statement necklace now for a while , I wanted to get one that I felt comfortable wearing and almost blended in . Statement necklaces are quite bold and you need confidence to wear one and pull it off which I don't have yet. I liked this one in Pennys because it was bold but the colours were subtle and I loved the pink in it .
  I like to keep fit and head to fitness classes as often as I can but with this beautiful weather hitting our Irish shores lately its been difficult to walk from one side of the room to the next . I wanted to embrace our lucky weather and get out and enjoy the sun but I needed proper gym gear first. I couldn't believe my luck when I found three quarter length tracksuit bottoms I haven't been able to find them anywhere and here they were in Pennys for 10 euro . I also picked up a little vest top that was loose fitting and dark grey colour which wouldn't let the sweat marks be as noticeable.
  I was on my way out when the grey/ white netted top caught my eye. I like white and black colours because you cant go wrong with them , they match everything and you can get away with wearing them in any season. The top was dressy and it fitted great ( wasn't too fitted or too loose ) . It had a low round neck which you could add a statement necklace too .
  Please god I will be starting into university next year or I might even take a gap year and do some of the travelling I have been dreaming about but either way I needed a descent make-up bag that held loads. I have bought make- up bags in Pennys before but they have always falling apart on me so I was a bit iffy buying this one but for 3 euro wear could I go wrong. The bad is big I mean you could one of your creams in their too and its a strong bag it wont rip and the zip shouldn't break (well it hasn't yet ) I loved this make- up so much that I went back in the next day and bought another one -_-
    What I love about Pennys is the little bits and pieces you can pick up ..

hair mask, body lotion , nail set
  I have always wanted to try a hair mask , its suppose to be really nutritious for your hair and help it grow so I picked this one up because its natural and affordable in case it goes to waste. I still haven't tried it yet but fingers crossed it works out well.
I am obsessed with the smell of coconut , every soup and bath wash in my bathroom is coconut scented so when I saw this coconut body lotion I was not leaving the store without it . I apply into my skin after I have a bath or shower . Its quite oily as you wouldn't want to have to much in your hand trying to rub it in and it does take a few minutes to dry in so remember less it more. But its smells amazing :D
 I have no reason for buying the nail set besides the point off how cute it looks there so tiny and portable you can throw it into your hand bag or overnight bag .

   Next Stop was New Look
white shirt, kimono, sparkled shirt

I love collars I mean they can be dressy or casual what ever you please.

I picked up this white shirt because it was simple and you could wear it loose over jeans or tucked into a skirt . The material was lovely and it was see through so you could make it pop with a red / pink vest top or purple to add colour to it. I have worn this over faded blue skinny jeans , with the statement necklace mentioned above and simple sandles and got so many compliments because of the shirt they were expecting it to be dearer then what it was . What I love about this shirt is that its light I wasn't passing out in it and it felt almost like I wasn't wearing anything , this shirt would be great if you wear heading out for dinner some where nice and sunny for your holidays.
  Kimonos are great they can make the simplest of outfits pop. I love this one because of the colours its so easy to match it with and its not to bright and doesn't scream look at me which I love. The material in it is  light and it fits perfect , it sits on the shoulders and doesn't fall down all the time .
You could wear this kimono in the winter with a black turtle neck or long sleeved top because of the colours.
  The sparkled shirt I wasn't sure about it . Its abit out of my comfort zone , its quite eye catching .
I loved the shirt when I first saw it but I would have loved it on someone else but I figured your an adult now its time to start moving out of your comfort zone so I bought it . The material was the same as the other shirt but this one was a little shorter and sitted just below your belly button . I think this shirt would be nice with faded blue skinny jeans and your hair in a loose bun or side fishtail . But to be honest I haven't worn it yet but hope to very soon :)

     Last but not least was swamp :) 

There was a sale but I missed it :(  but I went ahead in and looked at the last little pieces left and the one single rail . This little baby pick top was left on its own and it was in my size . I really liked this top it wasn't fitted but fitted nicely around the shoulders and was simple yet had a small bit of detail at the bottom . But the best past for me  was that it was reduced from 30 euro to 7 euro . Its one of those tops wear its dressy and casual at the same time and you don't have to even try . Its perfect for those shopping days with your mates or heading in to town to grad a bite to eat. :D

So that's were all my money went to now I'm broke :D.
Let me know in the comments if ye would pair these outfits with anything and is there one top in your wardrobe that is your go to top that's fits perfect all the time ..

 Red Clover <3

No 7 Creams for Life

I'm one of those people that freaks over their skin, I have being very lucky and have managed to avoid acne but still got a lot of sore spots that left heavy scarring on my face. I didn't start wearing make- up till I was sixteen and I became very aware of my skin.  I hadn't a clue what brands were out their and what was the difference between creams apart from their names. I turned to my mommy for help and she turned to No 7 her second best friend ( me being first obvs ;) )

Of course being the clueless sixteen year old I was I picked up the wrong skin type for my skin.. I manager to be a girly girl and picked up the one with the pink ring around the lid failing to notice it was for normal / dry skin ( I have oily skin ) . So I went home happy as larry all set and ready for my new adventure into women hood . To be honest I really liked the cream it agreed with my skin I had no reaction to it at all , my only problem was that it made my skin very oily . It was soothing on my skin and dried in quickly ( I don't have a lot of patience :D ) .  It had no fragrance to it which was great if you had sensitive skin like me !
When I finished off the jar of the cream which took me about 6 months maybe even more I went back in and got the correct skin type the normal / oily. There was a huge difference for me ! The moisturiser was thick and creamy to apply but it was in no way greasy it left almost a matt finish on my skin.  Both the creams had SPF 15 which is great for not only warm sunny weather but the frosty cold winters can do harm to your skin as well.
Unfortunately I'm not very adventurous when it comes to skin care products and when I find one that works for me I normally stick buy it forever . I have purchased this moisturiser 4 times in the past two and half years I find a little bit of it on your skin goes a long way. What's great about these moisturizers is that you can identify them from each other when you know the difference .
Pink ring = normal / dry ,
Green ring = normal / oily,
If you are looking for a moisturizer that gives full protection and doesn't leave your skin feeling oily then these are your new babies . These are my go to products , my stranded in a dessert one item.
I love them and think they are worth a try :)
No 7 products are generally found at boots stores and the moisturizers cost €17.50 a little pricy but in my eyes so worth it.
I'm not a professional when it comes to skin but I just have never had a bad day with these products and have even managed to swing some of friends to using them as well and they feel the same way about them  :)  



Bare Minerals Obsession

  This time last year I set out on a mission . I wanted to buy decent make-up , expensive make- up , make-up that made me feel good. Unfortunately I am a strong believer in you get what you pay for. I put a good bit of money aside in a separate purse (out of sight out of mind ) and began to save up.
   I headed to Galway with my mam and headed into Brown Thomas. I spent a good while bopping around to the different make up stalls and eventually came across Bare Minerals. I have a thing for powder make- up I feel its not as heavy on the skin as liquid but at the same time I needed good coverage. Bare Minerals was the perfect fit. Its was a powder and you could apply as much as you needed in terms of coverage.
 I bought the starter kit for €58.00 it included the 3 brushes, foundation , bronzer , finishing powder and a primer.  All for €58.00 I was a very happy lady :)
  The foundation is my go to foundation , I do try other products but this one always wins for me. I found it gives me great coverage and it doesn't look caky or powdery on the skin. I often even get compliments on my skin when I wear this foundation (for my skin not the foundation :o) . The main thing that I love about applying this foundation is that its not difficult you simply buff into the skin and it comes out looking even and natural. It's so easy :)
  I am quite pale and I purchased the light but I still find it quite dark on my skin so I mostly wear  it on nights out :D It's also really good for your skin, as it does contain minerals. Personally, I have found this to reduce blemishes so much quicker, and I really believe it helps with the healing process.

  The finishing powder really sets the foundation . I find my look is not complete without it , it really sets the foundation onto your skin . I love the finishing powder because its just so handy whenever I begin to sweat I'm conscience that my foundation has disappeared but it hasn't . When I apply the finishing powder on the places I feel the sweat it sets my foundation and evens it out while applying coverage without having to apply more foundation. Its an added bonus ! Your skin doesn't looked caked in make- up and you don't feel the same heaviness on your skin as you would when re applying liquid foundation ..  

  Personally I'm not a fan of bronzers its just because I'm awkward and can't apply it to my skin , but the bronzer in this kit I could actually use and even better liked. Its not to dark but at the same time be careful of the amount you apply. I  mostly like to define my jaw bone and with the angled brush you receive with the kit it helped to prevent my head looking detached from my neck .

  I think what gives this kit its edge is the fact that you also get 3 different types of brushes that are supper handy .
  The concealer brush = probably the brush I use the most out of all my brushes , its flat headed and the hairs are soft on the skin and the don't fall off randomly around your skin ( if you understand what I mean ) . I don't just use this brush with the minerals, infact I think it works just as well with any cream or liquid concealer.
  The 'Full Flawless Face' brush = This, I believe, although scratchy and not very face-friendly, does the job better than any other brush because it was made especially for the application of minerals.  This brush gives the best coverage and the best finish. Its has quite a large head so covers more area's around the skin and makes it easier to apply . If your looking for full coverage evenly applied brush I would recommend this brush but if you before softer bristles this brush isn't for you :(.

  All though I say I find these products to give good coverage I'm not a beauty professional in any sense and this is just my opinion . I never suffered from terribly bad skin only a few spots here and there but I do scar and find this helps me in that department .
The kit also includes a primer which is not too oily on the skin and dries in straight away which is great for people like me who have oily skin :D

  And a get started booklet and DVD :D

So where do I buy my products ?
  Bare minerals can be found in Brown Thomas and Debenhams shops around the country.

  So that's my review of the face products i have and have been using for a long long time.
I'd really love to try out some of their eyeshadows, as i've heard some great things about them. If anybody has any reccommendations for shades they think i'd like, do let me know.
Red Clover <3

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