foundation before foundation

hello mo charide , hope everyone is doing well and is settled back into school / uni / work ok after that lovely summer break , but back to reality now and the count down to christmas YAHH !!

Ok i was once the girl who only applied moisturizer to my skin before my make up because i had oily skin i feared that if i applied anymore oil based products you would be able to see the shine on my face a mile away. That phase lasted a while until i released about 3 hrs into my day the foundation on my nose , chin and forehead had some how disappeared into thin air !  
So Ciara's little brain kicked in and i figured for an extra ten minutes in the morning you need to develop a routine , and you will be grateful in the long run !

No7 calm skin, no 7 beautiful skin moisturizer 
So as i have mentioned time and time again my skin likes to scar and leave me red faced. So i invested in this little No7 calm skin serum and i have not looked back , don't get me wrong it doesnt perform miracles on my skin it just 'calm' it down. I did a whole post on this products last year so check it out :) I apply one pump of this serum onto my skin focusing manely on my trouble areas and T zone . I allow it to dry for a minute and the apply my moisturizer all over my skin .

Benefit pore fessional and l'oreal lumi magique
Next is primer . If i am having a very bad skin day i will apply my Benfit the pore fessional because it is tinted it reduces the redness and harsh appearance of the spot on my skin. I apply it to my troubled area gently and on my t zone ( i focus more on my nose and chin as these oil up and shine the most ) . If my skin is in an ok state i will stick to my L'oreal lumi magique primer .

oh i also apply alittle carmex to my lips to stop them from drying out if foundation sticks to them and it also helps lipstick to be applied easier as it adds moisture to your lips.

Major Tip here to truely make your foundation last all day leave you creams to dry for at least 5 mins after they all have been applied and leave at least 30 secs to 1 min between each cream before applying the next .     

I know some might feel that this is alot of product to apply to your skin before the actual make up but trust me on this the most topping up of make up i have to do is a little bit of powder to my nose . This routine has worked for me for years now i have truly got the day out of my make up given that i haven't done anything to extravagant like exercising etc.

my favorite YouTubers atm

So apart from spending most of days reading blogs, im obsessed with YouTube. I love watching beauty tutorials , fashion hauls , life advice and of course recipes . YouTube is a whole new world and if i had it when i was growing up it would probably saved me from lot of make up disasters and life mishaps .
I' always coming across new youtuber's and at the moment these are ones whose content im loving the most.

1. Firstly is the gorgeous Anna Saccone . I have been such a fan of the SacconeJolys but i love Anna's little advice clips and make up tutorials to me she's a big sister , someone that's real to look up to . At the moment i am loving her "what i eat Wednesday vlogs "

2. Next is Tess Christine . I have been following Tess for almost a year now since she started the Get healthy with me playlist . But lately i have been loving her "get the look " videos basically she takes celebrity inspired looks and finds the outfits for cheaper and in local stores like forever 21 .

3 . Charlotte Ryan . Charlotte is an amazing Irish YouTuber who moved to Brighton and is finishing her studies . She is so likable and real . Im loving her Naughty Vs Nice food vlogs <3

4. Dramatic Mac . Aisling is probs one of my favourite people i want her to be one of my friends . She is so honest in the good way and she gives out the vibe that nothing comes for granted and to be grateful . Her make up tutorials are amazing and to be honest im being a little biased because im also obsessed with Mac products .

5. Nichola Whitehead  . If your into food and health then Nichola's channel is the place for you . She posts everything from advice, to meal dishes and guilt free desserts I find Nichola's tips on weight loss to be so realistic and helpful

who are you're favourite youtubers atm ? let me know :) 


lets bake friday

Coconut Cookies 

hello everyone , so i know i have missed out on quite a few of these installments but i have been trying out different recipes and i only want to share with you guys what i feel truly is delicious. 

3 cups of shredded coconut 
1/2 cup almond butter
1/4 tsp vanilla extract 
1/3 cup maple syrup
1 1/2 tbs almond milk


1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees
2. Place all ingredients in a food processor
3. Shape the biscuits on lined baking sheet of paper
4. Bake in the oven @180 for 10-15 mins 
5. Allow cool down and serve 

Eat and enjoy 

travel make up

Last weekend i headed down to Tralee for a couple of days for the Rose Of Tralee Festival . Apart from the random sputs of rain it was lovely . The atmosphere was so lovely and everyone from the community was so welcoming . There was just good spirits all round.
I apologize for the terrible quality photos but unfortunately my phone got damaged while away and i have sent it away to be repaired so i have been stuck with my dads old brick nokia and my first camera i was given a couple of years ago so as you can see quality not so fab :( but i will not let it deter me <3

Unfortunately i had planned on only bringing a BB cream but my skin decided to react quite bad and i was covered in lovely little red spots around my face . I needed to make sure my foundation lasted all day because i was travelling for 3 hours down there and probably wouldn't have access to a mirror for a while when i got there. I swear by Benefit Pore fessional , not only does it make sure my foundation stays put but it also neutralizes the redness of my spots before applying the foundation.

As you can understand Full coverage was needed so i opted for my old reliable Mac Pro Longwear foundation topped with Mac studio fix powder . No exaggeration but this literally lasted the whole day and considering i had quite a spotty face i didn't need to top it up .  
Just to add a little extra coverage on those bad ass spots i applied Benefits Erase Paste concealer just lightly dabbing onto the skin trying not to cause to much agitation on the spots . I also applied under my eyes to brighten them up and try to wake me up after my 6 o clock morning rise

.  Because i felt like my skin had so much
foundation , well more that i normally opt for i needed to add some colour with this amazing blush from sleek . i mentioned this product already in my favorites but i have just been loving it so much lately , its got this lovely gold shimmer in it that just adds the subtle shine to the cheeks .
Unfortunatly most of my spots where hanging around my mouth on my chin etc so i didn't want to wear to bold of a lipstick and draw attention to that area so this tinted lip balm was perfect it added a tint of colour without being to in your face and of course that all important moisture to prevent those dry lips .

Hmmmm ! if you take anything from this post let this be it . If you want to keep the amount of products you are bringing traveling on the moderate size then invest in this Soap and Glory Salon Powder. It has a bronzer shade and a highlighter and its amazing . Its subtle on the skin making it very natural looking and you can build up on the product.
Lastly is this tiny eyeshadow set from essence . I find essence eye shadows are brilliant there completely affordable and have strong pigmentation . I found this little ''palette'' in no 05 'to die for' great as a multitasker as it sufficed for my eyeshadow and my eyebrows . A good old natural smokey eye is perfect for a natural day look and can be transfered into a night look .

Egg Face mask

Lets all admit right now face masks are amazing , that one day a week is my chill and pamper night and i dang well look forward to it . But i have to be so careful when it comes to applying creams to my face sometimes my skin doesn't appreciate it and i have learnt the hard way . But everyone learns from their mistakes and i most certainly have learnt from mine . Instead of buying face masks in the shop and hoping my skin will enjoy them i have reverted to making my own .
If you suffer form scarring of spots like me or stubborn black heads like me then these ingredients need to be applied to your face !

 1 egg white
1 teaspoon of lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon of honey 

  1. Mix together the egg white and lemon juice with a hand blender until it becomes frothy
  2. Add the 1/2 tsp of honey and stir well 
  3. Wash your face with warm water ! (open those pores )  Using clean hands apply the mask
  4. Keep the mask on 10 - 15 mins and scrub off with warm water 
This face mask makes my skin feel so soft and fresh and reduces the redness of my spots and scars. I apply the mask at night time and even the next morning my skin still feels as fresh and as awake as when i first applied the mask . The face mask is quite runny when you apply it to your face at first to have a towel wrapped around your shoulders so the ingredients don't stain your clothes. Make sure you measure the amount of lemon you put in because to mush makes the mixture to runny on you . 

These ingredients combined are suppose to ensure
  • Repairs damaged skin
  • Fights acne 
  • lightens scars and blemishes 
So if your skin falls under these categories defiantly give this face mask a go with a warm fire blazing and a nice warm cup of tea <3

Let me know how ye get on :)   
ridiculous pic of me to make you laugh


What i eat in a day #cleaneating

hello mo chairde :)
 So some of ye may know i am studying human nutrition in college and i love it . Food is a big passion to me i would spend all day baking , experimenting with different ingredients and embarking new flavors for my taste buds to experience. I am also quite health conscious as i learnt that the hard way but thats another days post <3

For breakfast i had this amazing protein pancake to prepare myself for my morning workout . It tasted amazing and set me up for the day i added some banana to the side because unfortunately i have a sweet tooth. This breakfast lead me feeling stuffed and satisfied <3 i also had a cup of lemon tea to wash it down .
so after my workout out i was very peckish but i was about to begin to prepare my dinner so i had this little snack to tie me over. It was unsalted rice cake , bed of lettuce, with chicken and sprinkle of black pepper.

Dinner was this amazing salad bowl , it looks so pretty and colorful . It consisted of almost everything and was super filling, It had lettuce, spinach , red onion, cucumber, sweet corn , butternut squash, chicken , and some grated carrot that you cannot see 
around 5 o clock my tummy was rumbling again . Apple,  Banana and some green grapes my all time favorite fruits <3

evening lunck
I wasn't too hungry after that fruit bowl so i had this lovely light dish later on that evening because i new if i didn't eat something decent i would be picking at sugary sweets later on that night , or worse going to bed hungry which is a no no . Lettuce leaves again ( i needed to use up the lettuce it was beginning to go off ) scrambled egg with a dash of almond milk and a side of kiwi fruit.

During the day i like to keep hydrated so i drink up to 3-4 liters of water .

I hope ye enjoyed this post , personally i love reading this sort of blog posts on other blogs but maybe thats just be being nosy :)

hope ye are all having a lovely weekend :)

"Everything happens for a reason"

Hello mo chairde , so it has come to the time of the year again where the dreaded leaving cert results are out . If you are not from Ireland the leaving cert is basically a state exam the determines your future - what degree you can study in college/university. But the problem is it does not determine your future, your happiness , your health . Your life is worth more than a piece of paper indicating you got an A in this or D in that  , these are just letters that signify one exam . The reason why i feel the need to right this post is because i was the girl who believed that if i didn't do well in this, if this paper showed results lower that what i needed, my life was basically over and i didn't know where to go form there.

And surprise , surprise that is exactly what happened ! I remember plain as it could be this time last year opening up that envelope and seeing what i thought my school years work out the window , i was an absolute failure and felt i should be ashamed of myself ! Nobody should ever have to feel like that ever but the problem is at the moment in certain schools and in mine is that adults , people who you turn to for advice for after school filled your head with "if you don't have a decent leaving cert, if you don't get the grades you need for your course then that's it, you need to build a bridge and live in a reality"  . In Ireland if you don't get the results you want you can either A) repeat the school year (which not a hope in hell i was doing and im going to explain that someday in a blog post) B) get your papers rechecked the following October C) move on and settle for something you don't want .

 Thankfully i have the most amazing friends <3 she comforted me and snaped me out of it . I wanted to study "Human Nutrition" in Dublin ( the only place at the moment that have this course ) but i failed maths  ( no college will accept you without maths ) so i thought the only place for me to go was back to school . Anyways rant over , the course was starting up in IT Sligo it had an exception for highter level maths grades (me ) and it was the exact same course . Woohoo!!

Ok back to the point of this post , i didn't get what i wanted i got something so much more ! Sligo was literally the best place for me its a nice town , I'm away from people who did no good in my life and i never thought that would happen , im surrounded by the most amazing people and i love them all , and im studying the course of my dreams . I have heard the stories form people who are studying in Dublin and tbh i couldn't handle that pressure !
"Everything happens for a reason" is a quote i am going to preach for the rest of my life because ever since this time last year i have never believed it more  , The truth is you may not get what you always want , and you may struggle to see the positives of certain events but trust that's how its meant to go just let life do its thing .

You know what the funny thing is ? I sent away my maths paper to get rechecked in October and i received it back the following Christmas with a pass, the exam boards marked me down 2 grades , those 2 grades would have given me enough to get into DIT but the thing is i probably wouldn't be as happy as i am today if i was there.  

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